LOEWE®FAST Lateral Flow Kits


The LOEWE®FAST rapid test series allows reliable and specific detection of plant pathogens within minutes. As stand-alone diagnostic tool these tests provide quick and easy assessment of suspicious plant material in the field or greenhouse without the need of a laboratory.

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1. Option: LOEWE®FAST Kits with test cassettes: 

     Kits are available for 5, 20, and 50 tests


• Test cassettes

• Single-use pipettes 

• Pre-filled sample buffer tubes

• Manual and analytical data sheet

2. Option: LOEWE®FAST-Stick Kits for 50 tests:
• 50 Test sticks
• 50 Sample bags
• 50 Single-use pipettes
• 50 Reaction tubes
• Sample buffer powder
• Manual and analytical datasheet


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